As of 2012 and following the release of RootsMagic 5, a small team of enthusiasts is embarking on a software project to consolidate the various SQLite queries reported on this wiki into a user-friendly application, accessible to more RootsMagic users. Additional utilities will, hopefully, be added once the basics are running. The project team is ad hoc, led by Steve Turley, and welcomes your input.

This page provides links to the various pages of discussion, examples, etc. return frequently to monitor progress.

RootsMagic Utilities the plain language blog and navigation hub for the project set up by LessTX.

Related pages:
Bundled Utilities - RMtrix Tom Holden's 1st gen RMtrix app in Visual C#.
WebTrees Website - Pre-Processing Tools using SQLite in Visual Basic et al Tom Davis' RMSanity app in Visual Basic
SplitTree Steve's first utility, developed in Visual C#, that got the ball rolling
Which Platform for RootsMagic Utilities? discussion that settled on continuing with Visual C# for prototyping; other matters.
Bundled Utilities Project Name suggestions and a poll. Get your 2 cents in!
Bundled Utilities - Groupings suggested groupings of utilities/functions under a menu structure; ongoing.
Bundled Utilities - Example content a look at TMG Utiltiy and Ltools for ideas of what to include and how to structure the program
A Proposal for a Named Group and Color Manager - a standalone utility offering major enhancements to these functions, being developed by Jerry Bryan, bundling later.
Wish List - post your wishes for utilities as a message in the Discussion area of this page